We are a medical
engineering company
with tech DNA
We believe that the
right use of technology
can save lives
If there’s something to discover,
you’ll be sure to see it
The new dimension in
infection control

“Fibonacci provides products and technology systems models necessary for the automation of the medicine of the future”.

About Us

Fibonacci, Corp. is a US based company committed to improving lives through technical solutions and management processes for the healthcare market.

We are a medical engineering company with tech DNA

We specialise in medical devices for the Caribbean and Latin American Market, focusing on high quality brands and to projects like CSSD and in pharmacy automation systems to manage medication and supplies in the Healthcare industry. It was established in 2014, and it has exclusivity contracts with vendors from Europe and United States to sell in the Caribbean Region and in several countries of Latin America. 


June 14: Blood Donor Day

The date is celebrated each year to commemorate the birth of Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian biologist and pathologist who discovered and typified blood groups, and

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It is not just about using technology. It's about using it with a purpose and focus on core objectives

Featured Products

V-PRO® maX 2

Delivering unparalleled productivity for
day-to-day Operating Room needs

HarmonyAIR® A

Provides meaningful, clinician-inspired
advances to keep up with life
in today’s Operating Room

RIEDL Phasys

Speed, reliability, accuracy and a
tailor-made design for your pharmacy.


Alcohol-free wipes for surface
disinfection and cleaning

Our aproach to technology

New technologies have changed the way we work and joining the digital transformation is an essential requirement in order not to become obsolete. The potential offered by new technologies is key and integrating them contributes to optimizing processes and offering added value to customers. Incorporating technology is equivalent to improving processes. In addition, it collaborates in reducing routine processes and automating them so that they stop depending on the human factor, optimizing time and resources.

Every company should now think on how to start using new technologies, artificial intelligence and software, among others, intervene in the digital transformation. All of them allow us to generate data, the digital world generates data. 

One of the objectives proposed by our digital transformation is to transform data into information that can be analyzed. Associate data with solutions and indicators to make organizations more efficient.

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