AMSCO 600 Medium

  • Process up to fifteen, 25lb trays in each cycle
  • Small footprint, only 39″ wide with no side or rear clearance required
  • Automatic vertical sliding door makes loading and unloading easy

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The sleek design of the AMSCO® 600 Medium Steam Sterilizer meets two critical demands in your department – maximum throughput in a minimum footprint. Whether designing a new Sterile Processing Department (SPD), Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), or planning for a department renovation, the combination of productivity and space savings makes the AMSCO 600 the obvious choice.

How the AMSCO 600 Medium Steam Sterilizer Works

Medical devices such as surgical instruments and implanted medical devices that meet sterile body tissues or fluids are considered critical devices and must be sterilized. Steam sterilization in an autoclave machine is the ideal fit for sterilizing heat – and moisture – stable items because it is reliable, consistent, and lethal to microorganisms while being safe for operators.

The AMSCO 600 Series Steam Sterilizers are configured for prevacuum and gravity steam sterilization cycles. The autoclave procedure safely sterilizes up to 375 lbs per cycle, allowing you to efficiently handle high-volume sterilization and heavier trays while meeting compliance guidelines.

Why Choose the AMSCO 600 Medium Steam Sterilizer?

  • Space-saving design – Easy loading with automated vertical door and no side or rear service clearance required.
  • Multiple sterilizers can be installed side-by-side allowing your department to maximize space while creating a productivity powerhouse with 70% space savings per unit.*
  • Workflow that never stops – Add a FAST LANE to your department to batch smaller loads that are needed quickly, including a full load of orthopedic sets, or stay up and running if your larger sterilizer is down for service.
  • Clean steam-ready – All AMSCO 600 Series Sterilizers include stainless-steel piping with an optional integrated stainless-steel steam generator.
  • Keep your process in motion – Improve staff efficiency with intuitive controls that keep you aware of cycle progress and transfer loads with ease using the variable height transfer carriages.
  • Fully warrantied construction – 15-year chamber warranty and the industry’s only two-year gasket warranty. The steam-activated gasket never requires lubrication and the fully jacketed chamber means less condensation forms on chamber interior.

Reduce Water Consumption with STERI-Green® Water Saving Systems

Add STERI-Green® or STERI-Green® Plus to the AMSCO 600 Medium Steam Sterilizer and dramatically reduce autoclave water usage.

  • STERI-Green: Reduces water consumption up to 35%**
  • STERI-Green Plus: Reduces water consumption up to 99%**
  • Supports green initiatives and sustainability goals
  • Recycled water never encounters processed sterile goods
  • Fits within the frame of the autoclave sterilizer
  • By-pass valve allows you to switch between chilled and potable water

Electronic Record Management with ConnectAssure Technology

Seamlessly connect and get immediate results from AMSCO 600 Steam Sterilizer with ConnectAssure Technology.

Whether data is sent to your facility’s tracking system or the ConnectAssure application, your cycle information is available with the click of a mouse for essential compliance reporting.

Sterilizer Chamber Sizes and External Dimensions

STERIS AMSCO 600 26.5 x 26.5 x 39" STERIS AMSCO 600 26.5 x 26.5 x 51" STERIS AMSCO 600 26.5 x 26.5 x 63"
Chamber Sizes

26.5 X 26.5 X 39″

26.5 X 26.5 X 51″

26.5 X 26.5 X 63″


Width of Unit 39.375 inches 39.375 inches 39.375 inches
Length of Unit 51.625 inches 63.438 inches 75.250 inches
Height (Installed) 89.063 inches 89.063 inches 89.063 inches
FLOOR SPACE per Unit 14.116 square feet 17.346 square feet 20.576 square feet


Quantity of Wrapped Trays per Cycle 9 trays 12 trays 15 trays
Weight per Tray (pounds) 25 pounds 25 pounds 25 pounds
Total Weight per Cycle (pounds) 225 pounds 300 pounds 375 pounds

*Compared to the AMSCO® Evolution Medium (26 x 26) Steam Sterilizer

**Compared to processing a 375 lb load in a standard AMSCO 600 Medium Steam Sterilizer

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