• Continuous temperature monitoring and recording
  • Sonic Klenz* bay provides consistent performance with automated degas cycle
  • Electronic height-adjusted counter promotes ergonomics
  • Aqua Klenz* bay designed to agitate and loosen soils

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The AMSCO 70 Series Reprocessing Sink promotes compliance and consistent outcomes. With a technician-focused design, automated chemistry dosing and temperature monitoring capabilities, these decontamination sinks promote best practices by delivering a streamlined workflow in the CSSD by offering multiple automated processes.

How the AMSCO 70 Series Reprocessing Sink Works

The AMSCO 70 Series Reprocessing Sink is designed to provide consistent temperature monitoring to ensure optimal enzymatic performance. With an automated degas cycle in the Sonic Klenz* bay and precise chemistry dosing through the dual channel faucet, the AMSCO 70 Series Reprocessing Sink promotes compliance and consistent performance. The Aqua Klenz* bay agitates and loosens soils, reducing the need for arduous scrubbing, while the Lumen Klenz flushes channels and replaces the need for manual syringing.

Why the AMSCO 70 Series Reprocessing Sink?


  • Continuous temperature monitoring and documentation to ensure optimal enzymatic performance
  • Consistent performance in the Sonic Klenz* bay with the automated degas cycle
  • Precise dosing of chemistry through the dual channel faucet

Technician-Focused Design

  • Ergonomically sound with electronic height-adjusted counter
  • Customizable accessory placement with magnetic backsplash
  • Expandable surface areas using flexplates
  • Technician-guided navigation through intuitive icon-based controls

Consistent Cleaning

  • Aqua Klenz* bay loosens and agitates soils to eliminate arduous scrubbing
  • Ultrasonic frequency delivered by Sonic Klenz* to dislodge soils from difficult-to-reach areas
  • Lumen Klenz* flushes lumen channels and replaces manual syringing

*Not all features available on all models.

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