Bio II Advance

• Innovative, genuine sliding front glass designed to quickly adjust to a 200mm working opening with one hand.
• Front glass with pneumatic piston lifts for a total opening that facilitates cleaning throughout the work chamber.
• Work chamber with rounded corners, without screws or nuts, allowing easy cleaning and preventing contamination.
• Control panel is visible from any position and easily accessible.
• Chromatic Display continuously indicates the state of the cabin through a simple and visual international code.
• The unique and innovative 4F System (Fast, Friendly, and eFFicient) is a patented filter replacement system by Telstar that allows quick accessibility of the filters from the front of the cabin, reducing the procedure to five minutes.
• The 10o frontal inclination makes the user’s activity more comfortable and less tiring.
• Efficiently designed to offer an environment with a deficient noise level that does not compromise the safety and comfort of the user.
• Front glass is completely sealed through a resistant silicone gasket that prevents user exposure to possible leaks of aggressive substances and sample contamination from the environment and maintains cleanliness of

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