e-delphyn-bb Transfusiones

e-Delphyn BB is a fully web-based software solution. Customizable, reliable, and secure, its transfusion application supports blood ordering (provided to hospitals via a web portal), patient sample processing, serological cross-matching, electronic cross-matching, and issuance while tracking and securing units of blood at the patient’s bedside. Using barcode technology’s easy-to-use interface helps blood organizations save time, increase efficiency, and reduce costs by tracking all processes.

Secures the issuance process by issuing compatible units to patients based on the database’s current sample results and patient history.

Integrated with the Blood Donors app, it provides a complete arm-to-arm solution that ensures blood organizations’ safety and full traceability.

Patient Transfusion Safety
Integrated electronic cross-matching
Bedside transfusion control.
Support for RFID identification and patient bracelet.
Seamless integration with hospital systems.

Full software reconfigurability allows support for local regulations and guidelines.
Independent of hardware, operating system, peripherals, and databases.
User credentials are compatible with all LDAP systems.
Communicability (instrument interface, HL7 support, mobile application, …).

Entire audit trail at all steps.
Full compliance with ISBT 128.
Statistics dashboards, reports, and KPIs.
Security and access rights based on user credentials.
cost efficiency

Complete web-based module (the user only needs a browser).
They minimized user training.
Low cost of ownership.
Hosted or cloud-based.

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