ErgoStat™ Prep and Pack Workstation is the new ErgoStat Prep. It has Pack Workstation from STERIS lead . It meet the demand instrument reprocess. This innovative, flexible workstation will help you with productivity, organization, instrument management, as well as process and workflow changes.

Important Functions Inventive Feature: The most inventive feature of the ErgoStat Workstation is the electric height adjustment.

Workstation Optimal: This workstation is optimal for customers who know that one size does not fit all and desire a work area that can meet the ergonomic challenges of a diverse work force, helping you reduce the risk of work related injuries.
Features and Benefits: Electric Height arrangement improved ergonomics will help limit staff injury surface height range from 26 ½ to 42 ½.
Lockable Casters Stainless: Lockable casters and a stainless steel surface grant the workstation to be moved for easy cleaning.
Configurations: Three configurations to choose from and assorted additions grant workstations to be moved to meet changing workflow.

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