HEINE mini 3000 Dermatoscope

Designed with precision and clarity, it allows healthcare professionals to perform detailed skin examinations to diagnose and monitor skin conditions accurately.
This dermatoscope features a powerful LED illumination system that provides bright and homogeneous light, ensuring optimal visualization of the skin surface and underlying structures.
It has a high-quality optical system offers a clear and sharp view of the skin.
It allows for 10x magnification.

Modern pocket dermatoscope with handy dimensions: small on the outside, but huge on the inside.

XHL: Authentic colour rendering and even illumination thanks to concentrated, bright Xenon Halogen light.

Fade-Out Feature: brightness reduces slowly even with low residual capacity, for even more efficient use of dry or rechargeable batteries.

10 x magnification with focusing optics.

Instrument head made of metal.

Handle in black or blue.

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