Prolystica® HP Alkaline Automated Detergent & Manual Cleaner

* This alkaline detergent’s low foam profile is compatible with ultrasonic cleaners and automated washers/disinfectors.
* Superior instrument and capital protection capabilities using specially formulated corrosion inhibitors.
* Broad spectrum substrate compatibility, including select soft metals.

The Prolystica HP family of products is 2X concentrated, delivering more uses per container with less inventory. Formulated specifically for automated washing, Prolystica HP Alkaline Detergent/Cleaner is formulated with a low foam profile, corrosion inhibitors for superior instrument and equipment protection, and broad-spectrum substrate compatibility.

How Prolystica® HP Alkaline Automated Detergent & Manual Cleaner Works

Prolystica HP Alkaline Detergent’s low foam profile provides compatibility with ultrasonic cleaners and automated washer/disinfectors. This high performance alkaline detergent uses specifically-formulated corrosion inhibitors to provide superior instrument and capital protection.

Why Prolystica® HP Alkaline Automated Detergent & Manual Cleaner?

  • Ultimate Cleaning – This alkaline detergent provides a high level of cleaning performance on difficult-to-remove surgical soils, such as blood, tissues, lipids, and mucous
  • Ultimate Protection – Prolystica Alkaline Detergent is designed to optimize recirculation pump pressure of high-impingement ultrasonic cleaners and automated washers by defoaming surgical soils
  • Ultimate Savings – Offers savings on surgical instruments, maintenance, utilities and the planet

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