PurOne 3.3G

Our fast-dissolving cleaning and disinfecting tablets were the first cleaning chemical with an EPA-registered kill claim against bacteria present in biofilm.


Kill biofilm.

PurOne tablets produce a hospital grade disinfectant solution that effectively cleans, disinfects, and kills bacteria in biofilm in just 4 minutes. Use our tablets to replace bleach, peracetic acid, and quats in any disinfecting program.

EPA-registered kill claim against biofilm bacteria.

Biofilm is defined as a community of micro-organisms irreversibly attached to a surface, with increased resistance to host cellular and chemical responses. Many laboratory studies have shown that bacteria in biofilm are 10 to 100 folds more resistant to disinfectants than the bacteria of the same strain in suspension. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates that over 65% of nosocomial (healthcare-acquired) infections are caused by biofilm.

If your disinfectant does not work on biofilm you are not disinfecting.

PurOne is a powerful cleaner and sporicidal grade disinfectant. Its effective formula is safer for workers and can be used to replace multiple chemicals found in today’s supply closet. And with a neutral pH, it works on high-touch surfaces without dulling or damaging finishes.

One Product, Multiple Uses.

PurOne can replace up to ten different chemistries, and can be paired with microfiber cloths, string mops, EvaClean’s Environmental Surface Wipes, and more!

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