Reliance Vision MC

The Reliance® VisionTM Multi Chamber washer-disinfector provides a large capacity for maximum productivity and performance. The design of surgical instruments for successful sterilization with high cost-benefit
Faster, more optimized cycles: a rack leaves every 12 minutes
The control system records the critical parameters of the cycles
Flexible configuration with a 4-chamber option (with module for ultrasonic washing)
Ergonomic design increases operator safety
Designed and manufactured by North American and global standards, including EN ISO 15883


•Intermediate-level cleaning and disinfection of reusable healthcare products
•Productivity; 25-minute instrument cycle is the fastest available on the market for maximum productivity safe operation; loading baskets that minimize the complexity of the work using racks that can be loaded from any side, as well as silicone rack handles that protect the operator against burns

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