Volumetric Infusion Pump - Anesthesia TCI

The touchscreen on the infusion pumps from arcomed include short-cuts on the home screen. Tactile display and shortcuts are the two main characteristics appreciated by healthcare professionals: they quickly and easily find the function they need through the icon-based navigation.Besides being very fast and intuitive, arcomed’s screen pumps are
customizable. We tailor our devices to the needs of a specific care unit or healthcare professional. And of course, they can be used with gloves on. Ultimately, the touchscreen on arcomed’s infusion pumps for anes-thesia are a calming element in stressful situations: – helps you do things correctly and efficiently.

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Volumed®μVP7000 with the new Eleveld Protocol

  • A new propofol pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PKePD) model was developed using bispectral index (BIS) as the targeted endpoint based on previously published data from 30 studies.
  • The PKePD model predicted propofol concentrations and BIS for a diverse population, from neonates to the elderly and high-BMI individ-uals, for both anaesthesia and sedation.
  • The model should likely be useful for target-controlled infusion in anaesthesia and sedation in populations including a wide range of ages and body weights.
  • Icon based operation.
  • Colour coded drug names (to ISO 26825).
  • Patient details transferred between pumps.
Drug Protocol / TCI Model
PROPOFOL Eleveld (with or without Opioid)
PROPOFOL Cortinez-Sépulveda (for high BMI, obese patients < 250kg)
PROPOFOL Marsh 1.6 (effect site steered)
PROPOFOL Marsh 4.0 (plasma site steered)
PROPOFOL Paedfusor (for paediatric- anaesthesia only > 3kg)
PROPOFOL Kataria (for paediatric-anaesthesia only > 3kg)
MIDAZOLAM Greenblatt
DEXMEDETOMIDINE Dyck (Neuroanaesthesia)


  • Large, easy-to-read color display.
  • Plasma and effect site algorithms.
  • Marsh, Schnider and Minto algorithms.
  • Supported drugs include: Propofol, Alfentanyl, Sufentanyl, Dexmedetomidine and Remifentanil.
  • Convenient standby function.
  • Toggle between 2% and 1% Propofol.
  • Wireless, automatic patient data transmission between pumps.
  • BMI control for overweight patients.

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