State-of-the-art medical informatics and robotic technology

The installation of the Riedl robot in the pharmacy area of the Ramón Carrillo Hospital is a technological breakthrough that makes it the first fully digitalized hospital in Latin America. The pharmacy of the Ramón Carrillo Hospital is equipped with cutting-edge robotic technology provided by Fibonacci.

Medical and non-medical systems work horizontally and cover every hospital area, including the clinical IT department, pharmacy system, laboratory, back office (financial system), management, and imaging, which allows interoperability and simultaneous processing.


Riedl: Automated storage and dispensing of drugs

This robot performs smart storage of the drugs and then dispenses them according to their frequency of dispatch. The process starts by loading the medicines through a feeding belt, then the robot’s gripper takes each box, sorts it, and places it on the corresponding shelf. The robot does not assign a fixed place to each drug but continuously self-manages the arrangement considering the dispensing frequency to optimize delivery and storage times.

The robot can be seen at service when the patient arrives at the pharmacy. There, through a digitalized system, the person will ask the robot for the medicine prescribed by the doctor, and the robot will take the box and send it through a conveyor belt to the output closest to the pharmacist who requested it in just a few seconds.


Innovative technology that complements the pharmacist’s work.

With this technological advance, the healthcare system gains speed in medication dispensing, safety, accuracy, and constant monitoring and control of stored medicines.   

This exciting project at the Ramón Carrillo hospital will allow pharmacists and physicians to work together as a team to improve patients’ quality of life, thanks to the implementation of a new working method that integrates technology and digitalization. It will also enhance pharmacists’ professional role and enable them to provide fast, safe, and efficient dispensing to the patient.


Reduced dispensing time and improved customer service.

Among its functionalities, the robot can optimize the organization of medicines in the pharmacy, load the products and classify them by type and expiry date to make stock management more efficient. With this robot in the pharmacy, the time it takes to search for medicines will be optimized, leading to better customer service.

Another innovative feature of this hospital’s pharmacy is that it will soon have a pharmaceutical care office where patients will be assisted with all the needs associated with the pharmacotherapy prescribed by their doctor. The pharmacist will advise patients on the usage and storage of the prescribed medication, inform them about possible interactions with over-the-counter drugs they are also taking, side effects, or, if necessary, refer them to a new medical appointment.

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