The importance of ultrasonic cleaning

Proper cleaning is essential for the maintenance, durability and correct functioning of instruments. The importance of decontamination of medical instruments and supplies is aimed at minimizing the risk of infection and contamination of other materials.
Ultrasonic cleaning is generally used in those cases in which instruments have areas that are difficult to access, and its goal is to ensure the effectiveness of the cleaning procedures.  It is an environmentally friendly disinfection method that extends the useful life of devices and removes dirt and bacterial agents deposited on all instruments.
Ultrasonic cleaners are based on the application of high-frequency sound waves that are not perceived by humans (they exceed the audible frequency) on water solutions containing detergent.
In the case of manual washing, it is a non-standardized process and depends on the operator that performs it, so it requires more manpower time compared to ultrasonic cleaning. To carry it out, the person must at all times wear protective barriers composed of personal protection equipment including gloves, reinforced gown or lab coat, face mask, goggles, shoe covers and anti-splash face shield. The manual washing method cannot ensure sterilization of the instrument.
Ultrasonic disinfection is becoming one of the most effective systems for sectors such as medicine since it is an effective prevention method compared to other systems.
Some benefits of ultrasonic cleaning are:
1) They are able to access hidden places that other methods cannot reach, which allows to accomplish a thorough washing and disinfection of the instruments at the same time.
2) Ultrasonic disinfection is not only effective but also fast and does not require the presence of personnel.
3) Guarantees full disinfection of medical instruments: removes all bacteria.
4) Optimizes durability of all the instruments.
In this sense, in our product line we have PCF Pro, which is a high-pressure, high-capacity Sonic Irrigator that exceeds cleaning requirements on a variety of surgical instruments, including the entire range of intuitive surgical robotic arms through the choice of dedicated baskets; the high power SI-PCF, capable of cleaning and disinfecting items in a single uninterrupted cycle of up to 40 lumens with sonic irrigation and a 72-L total tank capacity, and the SI SA ‘S’ is a versatile and easy to use system with a capacity of up to 39 L offering automatic cleaning for up to 12 cannulated instruments in 15-minute uninterrupted cycles.
Cleaning is an important step in the processing of medical equipment. If an item cannot be thoroughly cleaned, its sterilization cannot be guaranteed and that is why ultrasonic washers are a solution for the cleaning of medical equipment.