Fibonacci Corp. is a forward-thinking technology company headquartered in the United States. Our mission is to improve quality of life through technical innovations and streamlined healthcare management solutions for individuals seeking the latest medical devices.

As a tech-focused organization, we are committed to driving innovation and progress in healthcare to enhance outcomes. We believe that staying at the forefront of technological advancements is crucial for improving healthcare delivery and achieving better results.

As specialists in the medical device industry, we serve the Caribbean and the Latin American markets, focusing on premium quality brands.

Our expertise encompasses projects such as CSSD and pharmacy automation systems designed to optimize medication and supply management in the healthcare sector. 

Established in 2014, we hold exclusivity agreements with top-tier vendors from Europe and the United States, allowing us to offer our solutions in the Caribbean and various countries throughout LATAM. With a presence in the USA, Peru, and Argentina, and a solid commercial reach throughout South America, we collaborate with industry leaders such as Steris, Heine, ndd, Jena Surgical and Asclepion to provide top-notch solutions to leading healthcare facilities.

Our goal

We use technology to make a
positive impact
on people’s lives.

That’s the driving force behind everything we do at Fibo?

As healthcare partners, we’re committed to providing value, efficiency, and safety through innovative systems that support health activities. We aim to be the most reliable and trusted provider of technology-driven solutions in the medical industry.

Our Team


Pablo Bustos

Our CEO is a Medical Solutions Executive with over 20 years of experience – driving expansion and market share growth across Latin America and the Caribbean Region. He has a proven track record of launching new products and services, penetrating new markets, and re-engineering operations to improve effectiveness. With degrees in Biomedical engineering and Business Administration, he brings a unique combination of technical and strategic expertise to the company.
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Maria Aviles

Our experienced Account Executive has a successful history of working in the medical device industry, with expertise in sales, operations, and collaborating with hospitals and clinics in the Caribbean Region and parts of Central America. With a Master’s Degree in Business and a passion for finding the best solutions for customers, she brings a strong business acumen and technical understanding to her role.
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Guillermo Cabral

Guillermo is an experienced professional with an IT corporate, office administration, and banking background. He has extensive experience in customer and office support in the logistics and supplies field, where he has proven to be an efficient and reliable team member. Guillermo’s IT background has allowed him to learn new technologies quickly and easily troubleshoot technical issues. As an administrative officer in the banking industry, he developed exceptional organizational and communication skills

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