AMSCO Evolution Floor Loader

• Process up to twenty-five, 25lb trays per cycle in the 72″ unit
• Available in a double door configuration for pass through workflow
• Provides maximum capacity and promotes efficient workflow
• Safe and ergonomic floor loading of high capacity carts

With the highest capacity in its class, the AMSCO Evolution Floor Loader steam sterilizer provides unparalleled throughput. The autoclave’s chamber is wide enough to accommodate larger instrument sets and can process up to 625 pounds per cycle in the 72″ model.

How Does the AMSCO Evolution Floor Loader Work?

These steam sterilizers are configured for prevacuum sterilization of heat and moisture-stable materials used in healthcare facilities. These units are equipped with prevacuum, gravity, liquid, Dart (Bowie-Dick) and vacuum leak test cycles. Optional Steam Flush Pressure Pulse (SFPP) cycle can be added. All plumbing components of the autoclave are mounted to a freestanding, modular rack which connects to the core sterilizer assembly during installation.

Why Choose the AMSCO Evolution Floor Loader Steam Sterilizer?

The Evolution Floor Loader’s unique design promotes efficiency, with a fully jacketed chamber promotes even chamber heating to minimize condensation. The wide 26″ chamber facilitates easy loading and unloading. The Evolution’s control displays crystal clear, high-resolution graphics to keep the reprocessing team aware of the steam sterilization cycle progress. The autoclave is Ethernet-enabled allowing one touch operation to run cycles, review cycle data performance, or to custom configure the system

Additional features of the AMSCO Evolution Floor Loader are:

  • 12 Programmable Cycles – Gravity, Prevacuum, Liquid and optional Steam Flush Pressure Pulse (SFPP)
  • Easy loading equipment enhances ergonomics and supports staff safety
  • A single cart processes up to 15, 25 pound trays; double cart system processes up to 25, 25 pound trays
  • Available in copper/brass piping or stainless steel to support clean steam
  • Automated horizontal sliding door with auto-stop safety feature
  • Industry’s only 2 Year warranty on the non-lubricated, steam activated gasket

Sterilizer Water Consumption with STERI-Green®
Water Re-Circulation System



Add STERI-Green® or STERI-Green® Plus water recirculating systems to the Evolution Steam Sterilizers and dramatically cut water usage.

  • STERI-Green: Reduces Water Consumption up to 35%*
  • STERI-Green Plus: Reduces water consumption up to 99%*
  • Supports LEED certification for your facility
  • Recycled water never comes in contact
    with processed sterile goods
  • Fits within the frame of the sterilizer

*Compared to processing a 500-lb. load in a standard AMSCO Evolution Steam Sterilizer

Electronic Record Management with ConnectAssure™ Technology

Seamlessly connect and get immediate results from the AMSCO Evolution Steam Sterilizer and Celerity™ STEAM Incubator with ConnectAssure Technology. Whether data is sent to your facility’s tracking system or the ConnectAssure application, your cycle information including BI results are available with the click of a mouse for essential compliance reporting.

Sterilizer Chamber Size and Volume

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HC2000 26 x 61 x 49″D (660 x 1550 x 1245mm) 77,714 45.0 1,273.63
HC3000 26 x 61 x 72″D (660 x 1550 x 1850mm) 144,192 66.1 1,892.55

Steam Sterilizer Utility Requirements

For complete autoclave utility requirements including amperage, psig for feed water, and drain requirements please see the Tech Data sheet on the Literature Tab.

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