Celerity™ 10 STEAM Chemical Indicator

* Validated for extended 10-minute steam sterilization cycles
* The chemical indicator strip provides straightforward interpretation with distinct yellow to blue/purple color change
* Type 6 Emulating Indicator as defined by ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1

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The Celerity 10 STEAM Chemical Indicator (CI) is a Type 6 emulating chemical indicator as defined in the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1 standard. The indicator requires all critical steam sterilization parameters (time, temperature, and saturated steam) to be met and is designed to specifically monitor 10-minute 270°F (132°C) dynamic air removal steam sterilization cycles.

How the Celerity 10 STEAM Chemical Indicator Works

The Celerity 10 STEAM Chemical Indicator includes a plastic carrier and yellow emulating indicator ink. The ink responds to all critical parameters of steam sterilization. The steam chemical indicator strips are placed into each pack to be steam sterilized in the area most resistant to steam penetration. During sterilization, steam penetrates the chemical indicator ink which undergoes a reaction causing the yellow ink to change to blue/purple. The proprietary chemical formulation results in this abrupt color change near the completion of the total required exposure time assisting in the ease of interpretation.

Why the Celerity 10 STEAM Chemical Indicator?

  • Easy-to-use – Indicator length of 5.5″ increases ease of locating indicators in pouches and instrument sets
  • Simplified tracking – Lot number and expiration printed on each indicator for traceability and immediate recognition of expired indicator at time of use
  • Accurate results – Chemical indicator strips provide abrupt and distinct total color change from yellow to blue/purple to help reduce misinterpretation associated with gradual color change indicators


Product Specifications

Sterilization Method Steam Sterilization


10-minute 270°F/132°C dynamic air removal cycles


Type 6 Emulating Indicator


Approximately 5.5 x 0.75″ (140 x 20 mm)







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