Celerity™ STEAM Incubator

  • Provides fast results of the Celerity™ 20 STEAM Biological Indicator in only 20 minutes
  • Audio and visual alarms aid in easy results interpretation
  • Offers electronic record keeping capabilities to assist with audits

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he Celerity STEAM Incubator is a compact, eight-well, tabletop steam incubator that incubates and automatically reads the Celerity 20 STEAM Biological Indicator (BI) at 57°C (135° F) for fluorescent results within 20 minutes.

How the Celerity™ STEAM Incubator Works

The unit has two independent heating blocks each containing four numbered wells for exclusive use with the Celerity 20 STEAM BI. While the activated BI is incubating, viability is determined by an increase in fluorescent signal from the enzymatic breakdown of a fluorogenic substrate present in the media. This tabletop incubator communicates results to the user via an LCD screen and LED lights adjacent to the wells.

Why use the Celerity™ STEAM Incubator?

  • Compact design – Minimizes required workspace with a small, tabletop design
  • Fast results – Provides results in only 20 minutes
  • Easy interpretation – Identify status of individual BIs with color changing LED lights and on-screen timer
  • Simplifies processes – You may leave the control BI in the well after acknowledgment
  • Connectivity – Seamlessly connect and provide critical BI results from your Celerity STEAM Incubator with ConnectAssure Technology. Whether data is sent to your facility’s tracking system or the ConnectAssure application, your BI results are readily available for essential compliance reporting.

Product Specifications

Sterilization Method Steam Sterilization
Product Type Biological Indicator Incubator
Size 11.4 x 3.7 x 6.3″ (290 x 95 x160 mm)
Interpretation GrowthPositive fluorescence indicates growth:

Solid red light and audible alarm on the incubator

No GrowthNegative fluorescence indicates no growth:

Solid green light and optional audible alarm on the incubator

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