EasyOne Connect

All products include EasyOne Connect, the integrated software platform that works on a standalone or server database for all NDD devices and provides advanced PFT software functionality, including customized provocation protocols, QC grading, result interpretation, and external PFT import. Get maximum efficiency in installation, data management, and EMR integration by standardizing on our integrated software platform.

Advanced PFT Lab Software Functionality

EasyOne Connect offers full PFT software functionality, including pediatric incentives, QC grading and result interpretation, XML export, custom provocation protocols, and advanced commenter functionality.

Proven Bi-directional Integration with Top EMR/EHR Systems

Improve your workflow with easy transmission of patient information and return results automatically into your EMR.

Superior Cybersecurity

Protect your patient information. Patient data is protected at rest and in transit.

Centralized PFT Review

EasyOne Connect software can be installed on multiple PCs and patient data can be accessed and reviewed centrally.

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