Gri-fill 3.0

Gri-fill® 3.0 represents a breakthrough in automated IV admixture technology and a significant advantage for pharmacists seeking a practical solution to today’s many challenges in pharmacy.

Gri-fill® 3.0 is a closed system for the sterile preparation of parenteral solutions when used in conjunction with Gri-bag® (empty bags with 0.2 μm filter at the filling port). Each unit undergoes sterile filtration during practice, and at the end of dosing, Gri-fill® 3.0 checks the integrity of the filter.

The Gri-fill® system can be used for any preparation, including pain therapy, PCAs, epidurals, IVIG, chemotherapy, and other specialties. While practice is in progress, staff can prepare different mixtures simultaneously, thus improving pharmacy productivity and reducing patient waiting time in outpatient centers.


• It’s light
• It can be conveniently placed inside a standard laminar flow cabinet, biosafety cabinet, or isolator without interfering with its operation.
• Programming the mix per dose (g, mg, IU)
• Allows reconstitution of the drug with the diluent of choice
• Adaptable to different original containers (vial, bag, bottle)
• Can be used to fill or partially fill any container (Gri-bag®, bags, syringes, elastomeric pumps, cassettes)
• Possibility of dosing from 2 different solutions
• MixManager®

Optional software for programming and process control of up to 4 different Gri-fill® 3.0 units
Control of the prepared doses, with complete information on the patient, validation of the prescription, and preparation

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Line/ Brand: Grifols/Grifols
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