HarmonyAir® Equipment Column

  • Sleek, compact equipment column available as single and dual fixed height and dual adjustable, arm systems
  • Precision placement with electromechanical brakes and robust bearings
  • Customizable OR utility column length and ergonomic control handles
  • Future ready for modular growth with accessories and expansion modules




The HarmonyAIR Equipment Column is an Operating Room utility column designed to provide a graceful, light-as-air experience for medical equipment management in the surgical environment. The OR equipment utility column is easy and comfortable to move, allowing surgical staff to perform procedures with less fatigue and frustration. The slim design allows you to work as close as possible to the patient but maintain proximity to vital medical equipment in the Operating Room.

How the STERIS HarmonyAIR Equipment Column works

STERIS HarmonyAIR Equipment Columns are uniquely designed to maximize procedure room space by organizing surgical equipment and medical services in one central location, delivering 360° of equipment accessibility. Choose either a column built to handle equipment or anesthesia and perfusion needs.

Why the STERIS HarmonyAIR Equipment Column?

The HarmonyAIR® Equipment Column provides:

  • Customizable solution based on your needs – Choose between fixed height or motorized height-adjustable arm systems, columns of various lengths and hundreds of accessories designed to improve organization, safety, and efficiency of the OR.
  • Optimal patient access – With a small, compact design, the surgical booms allows for plenty of room to operate and maintain a line or sight to the surgical field.
  • Tough load management – The equipment column will not deflect under heavy loads, and the arm system offers a large cross section for routing hoses and cable bundles.
  • Precision placement to improve workflow – Robust, ultra-glide bearings ensure the Operating Room utility column moves smoothly and easily, allowing frictionless positioning. Electromechanical brakes eliminate drift and are more reliable and less costly than other braking systems.
  • Ergonomic handles – The control features are clearly indicated with intuitive icons.
  • Future-ready convenience – Blank plates enable you to add data, video integration, or other post-install items.
  • Modular growth – Expansion modules for gas regulators, additional electric, gas, and data allow the unit to grow with you as needs change.
  • Mobile nurse workstation – In a standing position facing the sterile field, the OR nurse can chart while maintaining proximity with the adjustable ergonomic workstation.

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