Easy management of digital images, comments and data.

Our exclusive app for the HEINE DELTA 30 and DELTAone dermatoscopes allows you to create crystal-clear images, place them on a bodymap and annotate them with comments, risk levels, a diagnosis and treatment.

Download the HEINE DERM iOS app  Download the HEINE DERM Android™app

  • Storage and management of dermoscopic digital images.
  • Simple assignment of the images using a bodymap.
  • Annotation with comments, risk levels, diagnoses and treatments.
  • Intuitive workflow due to the clear user interface.
  • Easily compare images from past examinations.

Extremely sharp detail and realistic colour rendering: Camera system settings are optimized by the app in combination with the HEINE dermatoscopes’ LEDHQ.

Zoom function: Up to 40x digital magnification.

Photos are stored in high-resolution image quality.

Automatic date recording.

Clear file containing all the data for each patient.

Sharing function**The images can be conveniently forwarded by email or using messenger services (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.). For the likes of a second opinion, a teleconference or referral to a specialist, for example – but also for forwarding to patient management systems (PMS).

Data control thanks to local based storage***.

Increase patient loyalty: At the end of the examination, images and further treatments can be discussed immediately and clearly.

Click and work: Use HEINE accessories to connect smartphones to the HEINE dermatoscopes.

Download the HEINE DERM iOS app  Download the HEINE DERM Android™app

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