Our exclusive app for the HEINE DELTA 30 and DELTAone dermatoscope allows you to create crystal-clear images, place them on a body map and annotate them with comments, risk levels, a diagnosis, and treatment.
Effortlessly handle and easily organize digital images, comments, and data.
Storage and management of dermoscopic digital images.
Simple assignment of the images using a body map.
Annotation with comments, risk levels, diagnoses, and treatments.
Intuitive workflow due to the straightforward user interface.
Easily compare images from past examinations.

Extremely sharp detail and realistic colour rendering: Camera system settings are optimized by the app in combination with the HEINE dermatoscopes’ LEDHQ.

Zoom function: Up to 40x digital magnification.

Photos are stored in high-resolution image quality.

Automatic date recording.

Clear file containing all the data for each patient.

Sharing function**The images can be conveniently forwarded by email or using messenger services (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.). For the likes of a second opinion, a teleconference or referral to a specialist, for example – but also for forwarding to patient management systems (PMS).

Data control thanks to local based storage***.

Increase patient loyalty: At the end of the examination, images and further treatments can be discussed immediately and clearly.

Click and work: Use HEINE accessories to connect smartphones to the HEINE dermatoscopes.

Download the HEINE DERM iOS app  Download the HEINE DERM Android™app

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

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