InnoWave™ PCF Sonic Irrigator

  • Ability to reprocess 20 lumened instruments or up to 44 lbs. in every cycle
  • Increase workflow with solution reuse*
  • Simple operation with touch screen control

*ANSI/AAMI ST79:2013 Section

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The InnoWave PCF Sonic Irrigator is an ultrasonic cleaner designed to increase workflow and help you keep pace with busy ORs. Through a proven, systematic cleaning process, the InnoWave PCF Sonic Irrigator allows you to reprocess more within a smaller footprint.

How the InnoWave PCF Sonic Irrigator Works

The InnoWave PCF Sonic Irrigator delivers optimal cleaning from a proven, systematic process:

  • Sonic activity targets and removes exterior soils from small crevices and irregular surfaces
  • Sonic irrigation pushes a sonically charged jet of chemistry which dislodges and flushes soils from intricate internal channels
  • The high-impingement deluge wash prevents the redepositing of blood and other soils
  • Six integrated spray nozzles help to reduce the risk of redepositing blood or other soils

Why the InnoWave PCF Sonic Irrigator?

Ease of Use

Baskets click into tank for a secured connection to irrigation ports for maximum irrigation pressure. The ultrasonic cleaner’s easy-to-use touch screen control offers quick recognition of cycle progress. Accepts most of the commonly used baskets in hospitals.

Safety and Compliance

The InnoWave PCF Sonic Irrigator provides assurance and safety through Thermal Disinfection. Integrated record keeping and easy export via the standard USB port captures key cycle parameters, reducing audit-related stress.

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