InnoWave™ Pro Sonic Irrigator

  • Ability to reprocess 60 lumened instruments or up to 66 lbs. in every cycle
  • Side mounted transducers for maximum coverage throughout the tank
  • Status indicator lights and touch screen interface allow for quick recognition of cycle progress

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The InnoWave Pro Sonic Irrigator uses ultrasonic technology that maximizes productivity through a balance of exceptional ease of use and world-class throughput. This sonic irrigator reprocesses 60 lumened instruments or up to 66 lbs. in every cycle, avoiding potential bottlenecks and increasing efficiency. The InnoWave Pro Sonic Irrigator enhances the user’s experience with intuitive color touch screen and easy loading.

How the InnoWave Pro Sonic Irrigator Works

The InnoWave Pro Sonic Irrigator delivers optimal cleaning from a proven, systematic process:

  • Sonic activity provides cavitation that targets and removes exterior soils from small crevices and irregular surfaces
  • Sonic irrigation pushes a sonically charged jet of chemistry which dislodges and flushes soils from intricate internal channels and lumens
  • Deluge wash from six spray arms to help reduce the risk of redepositing blood or other soils
  • Soft Shot pulses compressed air through the lumens and spray arms to assist in drying process

Why the InnoWave Pro Sonic Irrigator?

Ease of Use

Experience faster and easier transfers with the foot pedal control that automatically positions baskets at just the right level for ergonomic loading and unloading.

The integrated lid lights provide quick recognition of cycle progress.

Safety and Compliance

The InnoWave Pro Sonic Irrigator’s Thermal Disinfection provides an added level of assurance and safety. Integrated record keeping and easy export of documentation of key cycle parameters reduce audit-related stress. The sonic irrigator’s staff-focused safety features help reduce the risk of work-related injury:

  • Automated locking lids to prevent cycles from running when unit isn’t completely closed
  • Pressure-sensitive safety edge stops in-progress cycles when sonic irrigator is pressed or leaned on
  • Auto-detection system prevents the tray elevator from raising or lowering when obstructions are sensed inside the chamber zone

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