InnoWave™ Unity Ultrasonic Irrigator

  • Freestanding ultrasonic washer for surgical instruments to process up to 16 lumened devices, or up to 35 lbs. per cycle*
  • Automated dosing and delivery of chemistry
  • Simple operation with touch screen control that clearly displays cycle status

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The InnoWave™ Unity is a freestanding ultrasonic cleaner that gives you powerful performance with exceptional ease of use to meet the growing demands of your facility. This ultrasonic washer for surgical instruments is designed to process up to 16 lumened devices, or up to 35 lbs. per cycle of non-lumened devices in the Unity 20.

How the InnoWave Unity Ultrasonic Irrigator Works

Ultrasonic washer for surgical instruments is designed to deliver optimal cleaning harnessed from a proven, systematic process:

  • Removes exterior soils from crevices and irregular surfaces with targeted sonic activity
  • Dislodges and flushes soils in complex lumens with sonic irrigation
  • Delivers consistent cleaning results throughout the entire ultrasonic cleaning tank from a unique wave-shaped cavitation pattern

Why the InnoWave Unity Ultrasonic Irrigator?

  • Take the guesswork out of dosing with automated and precise delivery of chemistry
  • Clear visibility of time and water temperature on an intuitive control panel
  • Flexibility to adjust cleaning parameters with custom cycles to meet device Instructions for Use (IFU)
  • Be prepared for audit with the ability to digitally download up to 10,000 cycles via USB drive

InnoWave Unity Ultrasonic Irrigator Equipment Size & Capacity

InnoWave Unity 20 InnoWave Unity 15
Lumens/Cycle  16 lumens 16 lumens
Lbs./Cycle 35 lbs. 25 lbs.
Data Recording Yes Yes
Thermal Disinfection No No


*Unity 15 = 25 lbs. per cycle / Unity 20 = 35 lbs. per cycle

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