Lutech LT-300 HD Colposcope with Vertical Stand (High Definition)

Lutech LT-300 HD Colposcope with Vertical Stand (High Definition)
Everything looks clearer in HD. The LT-300 HD provides crystal clear images for every colposcopy and functions as a training tool for teaching hospitals and educational facilities.

Features and Benefits

• Mini LCD Viewing Screen
o Uses an authentic SONY digital camera for unbeatable crystal-clear imaging.
o The mini-LCD viewing screen is designed for comfort and ergonomics.
o The LT-300 HD provides true High-Definition images, the highest in the market in its
o Ability to fulfill crystal clear imaging every time you turn your new colposcope on.

• Progressive Green Filter
o Incorporates a Progressive Green Filter, one that customizes the range of green to
optimize clarity for each unique pair of eyes.

• Networking Solutions
o Educate students and clinicians: display the exam on a large screen for all your students
to see. Vice versa, see what your students are seeing to easily guide them through the
o Increase Patient Knowledge: use two display screens to allow the patient the
opportunity to see their exam. Seeing and understanding the illness and symptoms in
this way has been shown to increase patient follow ups and adherence to medical
treatment advise.
o Network to EMRs: easily integrate the colposcope with your facility’s EMR systems to
save pictures and videos of the exams for future reference.

• LED Technology
o Adjustable LED circular lights system that is precisely set to 5000~5500 K color
temperature. When the color temperature is precisely controlled, the resulting image
color and quality is optimized.
o The cool lighting technology prevents heat buildup and provides a more comfortable
experience for the patient.

• Handheld Remote
o Ergonomically placed within easy reach, the user can zoom in and out, adjust the green
filter, increase or decrease brightness and much more with the Remote without moving
the camera head. The image stays clear and stable no matter how many buttons are
o Auto focus adjusts on the go as you zoom.
o Manual focus allows the user to focus on different layers of depths.
o Handheld remote allows the user to control the camera functions with minimal motion

• Provides numerous applications
o Ob/Gyn Offices
o SANE Facilities, Forensics and Prosecutor’s Offices
o Pathology and Dermatology
o Telemedicine

• Vertical stand comes standard; optional swing arm stand is available.

Note: The optional software is only available directly from Lutech.

Materials Included

• (1) LT-300HD Digtal Colposcope
• (1) Vertical Stand or Swing Arm Stand
• (1) Remote Control (Wired)
• (1) Main Cable 02 (Inserted in Vertical Pole)
• (1) Power Box HD
• (1) HDMI Cable
• (1) USB 3.0 cable
• (1) Power Adapter
• (1) Tripad Foot Switch
• (1) User Manual

Technical Specifications

Camera: Sony Exmore CMOS
o Optical: 1-30X, Digital 1-120X
Visual Angle: 360 degree Camera Rotation
Working Distance: 5.1″ – 15.7″
Image Freeze: Image Freeze on screen available with remote, foot pedal or on camera
Battery: Can work up to 4.5 – 5 hours using battery power
Foot Pedal: Foot pedal available for hands free and video.

Warranty Information
• 3-Year Warranty with manufacturer

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