HEINE provides the best optics, the sharpest image, reliable colors, and the capability to explore the whole retina, including the far periphery.
New visionBOOST for cataract patients: more confidence in the diagnosis when examining patients with media opacities. Proven to deliver up to 20% better retina view in patients with cataracts, no matter what circumstances – always the ideal working brightness for both the patient and the user.
The new HEINE OMEGA 600 is the lightest high-end indirect ophthalmoscope and offers the best-wearing comfort. The highly compact lithium polymer battery delivers top performance with up to 8 hours of operating time.

Best 3D imaging due to our unique Stereoscopic Adjustment Technology in dilated and undilated pupils, and even with premature newborns.
Personalized fit: ergonomic positioning of controls and levers, adaptable for right and left-handed users, flip-up function for more convenient patient interactions.

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