Reliance® Vision™ Multi-Chamber Washer/Disinfector

The Reliance Vision Multi-Chamber Washer/Disinfector is intended for use in the cleaning and intermediate level disinfection of soiled reusable utensils, trays, glassware, bedpans and urinals, rubber and plastic goods, simple hard-surfaced rigid surgical instruments (such as forceps and clamps) and other related articles found in healthcare facilities

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The Next Step in Performance, Speed and Efficiency

STERIS Corporation’s longstanding reputation for unparalleled product performance and service combined with innovative product design has resulted in a multi-chamber washer/disinfector that can meet all of your reprocessing needs.

  • A total solution that delivers higher value and performance in a smaller footprint, for a lower overall operational cost and with less environmental impact.
  • The next generation control system integrates operator ergonomics with an information system to document the critical parameters of washing and disinfecting.
  • Modular units manufactured in compliance with the latest EU and North American standards (designed to comply with EN ISO 15883).

Economic and Operational Enhancements

The high productivity needs of today’s sterile processing departments require cleaning and disinfection systems that deliver speed, efficacy, efficiency, and ergonomic operator control – in less space. This is why STERIS is introducing the new Reliance Vision Multi-Chamber Washer/Disinfector. This automated multi-chamber system provides a larger capacity for maximum throughput and a comprehensive process with unprecedented performance.

  • Faster, more optimized cycles: a rack exits as fast as every 12 minutes.
  • Maximum cleaning efficiency to better prepare instruments for successful sterilization and reduce the risk of infection for patients and staff.
  • Ergonomically comfortable design to enhance operator safety
  • High-quality design manufactured for optimal reliability and easy component access.
  • Improved serviceability provides one-side service access.
  • Lowered load height makes operator interface safe and easy.

Large Capacity Drives Peak Productivity

The high capacity Reliance Vision system helps you process a high volume of medical devices, utensils, and delicate instruments more efficiently.

  • 10 tray manifolds enable more equipment to be processed in each cycle.
  • The Vision Multi-Chamber Washer/Disinfector can process manifold racks with up to five levels.
  • High quality, multi-functional washing can be achieved by programming different washing cycles to run consecutively with specific cleaning chemistries for different instruments.
  • Independent chambers improve throughput by processing multiple cycles simultaneously.
  • A high capacity drying chamber provides twice the effectiveness of a single chamber unit.

Electronic Record Management with ConnectAssure™ Technology

Seamlessly connect and get immediate results from your Reliance Vision Multi-Chamber Washer/Disinfector with ConnectAssure Technology. Whether data is sent to your facility’s tracking system or the ConnectAssure application, your cycle information is available with the click of a mouse for essential compliance reporting.

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