High-tech sterilization for the Da Vinci robotic system

The Da Vinci robot offers higher precision to the surgeon and maximum security to the patient, but for its proper functioning, it requires adequate sterilization. This is not alway taking into consideration.

Technological advances in medicine technology have given rise to less invasive and more precise therapeutic alternatives for the patient. In this sense, Da Vinci robotic surgery overcomes the limitations of conventional laparoscopic surgery and makes more ergonomic and precise surgeries.

Da Vinci restores the degrees of freedom lost in conventional laparoscopic surgery, facilitates the manipulation of tiny articulated instruments, and eliminates the tremor of the surgeon’s hands. In addition, the surgeon has a 3D view through a high-resolution stereo display, which results in more precise surgeries and minimum error chances compared with the use of other systems.

Some of the most outstanding benefits for patients are that the surgery is minimally invasive, carries fewer complications, requires less medication to mitigate pain, demands a briefer hospital stay and allows for a faster recovery. Therefore, patients can return to their usual activities quickly and improve their quality of life.  

For the maintenance and sterilization of the robot and its instruments, Steris’ AMSCO 7052HP and 7053HP washers/sterilizers are specifically designed to automate the cleaning and disinfection process with the best results in the industry and in the shortest time.

Robotic equipment like Da Vinci is a breakthrough for healthcare facilities. However, it is also essential to have tools for proper sterilization. The performance of the robotic equipment will be optimal if it achieves the results for which it was designed and, for this to happen, sterilization plays a key role.  Da Vinci is the most advanced robotic surgery equipment that requires hospitals to invest a great deal of money. It is vital that its cleaning and disinfection are specifically validated and certified for its asepsis. In other words, for Da Vinci to offer the maximum safety that its standards propose, the robot and its instruments must fully comply with the sterilization requirements.  Any failure in that part of the process will offset the robot’s strengths.  

How does AMSCO equipment work?

The AMSCO 7052HP and 7053HP sterilizers are the only washers validated for Da Vinci instrument cycles. 

AMSCO 7053HP has a 50% higher efficiency compared to single-chamber washers, while AMSCO 7052HP has a cycle time of only 16 minutes, making it the fastest on the market.  Both machines can process up to 300 DIN trays in an 8-hour shift. As a result, they improve productivity with an up to 25% reduction in manual cleaning time per set of four instruments.  

Fewer steps, more productivity. Automating instrument sterilization with AMSCO 7052 and AMSCO 7053 reduces wash time and variability and boosts consistency when processing robotic parts. In addition, the combination of quick cycles offered by these devices reduces water consumption and minimizes environmental impact.  

Both sterilizers allow a simple selection of wash cycles from their icon-based touchscreen control panel. They also provide colored visual notifications of the progress of each cycle. While additional phases are included in certain treatment cycles depending on the unit’s configuration, once the treatment cycle is selected, the washers automatically process the load through the standard phases as described in the cycle tables and operator’s manual.

Efficient sterilization validated for Da Vinci

Each cycle is effective, fast, energy-efficient and can be customized (within the allowable range of parameters) to meet specific operating requirements.  Additionally, it meets seismic building code requirements.

AMSCO 7053HP washer is designed as a completely enclosed cabinet for freestanding or flush-mounted installation.  If the built-in system is chosen, one or two barrier walls must be used. Stainless steel flanges are included (allowing it to be disassembled) to provide a wall-appearing finish. Once installed, the system is designed for easy access for maintenance.

Another outstanding feature of this equipment is that its doors are equipped with an integrated security system.  Each door is mounted on a compressed joint that reduces heat loss and is made of tempered glass, which allows the operator to see inside the chamber with the door closed. They are activated pneumatically by touch screens located on the control panel but can also be opened manually in the event of an electrical failure. 

At Fibonacci, we have the only washers/disinfectors with a validated cycle for da Vinci® Endowrist instruments, which increases the safety and effectiveness of procedures.

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