Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Anoscopy Procedure with the Lutech LT-300 Series Digital Video Colposcopes

A recent study led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco has led to an exciting discovery that can lower the risk of anal cancer.

In the Anal Cancer / HSIL Outcomes Research, or ANCHOR study, a randomized clinical trial with over 4,000 participants, researchers found that the risk of anal cancer among people living with HIV is significantly reduced when high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions, (HSIL), are removed.

In the study’s press release, Dr. Joel Palefsky, Professor of Medicine at UCSF, says the study “provides important information for developing standard of care guidelines for people at high risk of anal cancer, including screening for and treatment of anal HSIL” He goes on to say that “although the study was performed in people living with HIV, the results suggest that anal cancer prevention could be similarly possible in other groups known to be at increased risk of anal cancer”…, including women with a history of vulvar or cervical cancer.

With this in mind, colorectal specialists nationwide are now discovering the benefits of Lutech’s LT-300 Series Digital Video Colposcopes.

While Lutech’s colposcope has been an essential tool for OBGYN practitioners in the detection and treatment of cervical cancer, colorectal examiners, such as Sean Cole, NP-C, at Rochester Colon & Rectal Surgeons, PC, in Rochester, NY, are discovering the many advantages the LT-300 offers their practices.

As a specialist in anoscopy with a focus on colorectal and robotic surgery, and extensive experience in diagnosing and treating pre-cancerous anal dysplasia, Mr. Cole relies on Lutech’s LT-300 Digital Colposcope for diagnosing anal diseases. From his perspective, there are five reasons to integrate Lutech’s digital video colposcopes into any colorectal medical practice.


Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Anoscopy Procedure with the Lutech LT-300

1. Patient Comfort:

“I find my patients tend to be more comfortable when I’m using the Lutech colposcope,” Mr. Cole says. “Using the kneeling prone jackknife position, I am able to observe the patient during the exam and pay closer attention to their breathing patterns and minor movements. With a binocular colposcope I’m disconnected, and the exam feels more clinical without the ability to observe the smaller tells that the patient is experiencing discomfort.”

2. Examiner Comfort:

Mr. Cole also points to better positioning and examiner comfort as high priorities. “The Lutech colposcope’s mini-LCD screen replaces the eye pieces of the binocular colposcope and allows the examiner to position him or herself better without needing to lean in towards the patient’s body.” Additional connectivity to an external screen and laptop allows the provider to use the larger screen for better imaging.

“Some say the loss of 3-D viewing makes the exam more difficult, but since most examiners are familiar with laparoscopic procedures now, gauging depth is not an issue and the greater distance between the examiner’s face and the patient provides more comfort for the examiner” Mr. Cole says.


3. Convenient Flexibility with Instruments:

Examiners are never locked in to using specific accessory devices with Lutech colposcopes. “Unlike other diagnostic devices hyfrecator or ablation instruments,” Mr. Cole explains, “so you can use any brand you like.”


4. Precise Image Capture, Storage and Retrieval:

The ability to capture precise images, upload them, store them and retrieve them are all powerful reasons why practitioners should upgrade their anoscopy procedures with Lutech’s digital video colposcopes. “I love having the ability to save images. Several times I have seen something unusual that I want to reference in a follow-up exam later; saving images allows me to pull up the image” and review it at any time.

5. High Quality Combined with Low Cost:

Examiners in private practice find that upgrading to the Lutech colposcope not only offers many modernized benefits, but they are amazingly cost-effective, too. Mr. Cole points to the low cost of the Lutech LT-300 colposcopes as a one of the principal reasons for integrating the devices into his practice. “In addition to the colposcope, the Lutech Viewer software is included in the price — with no subscription or license fees — and a 3-year manufacturer warranty and training are included.” The combination of low cost, training, and exceptional warranty makes Lutech’s colposcope ideal for smaller medical offices and clinics.


Considering all this, medical practices, clinics, hospitals, and universities looking to upgrade their technology and provide superior diagnostics and monitoring for colorectal illnesses should consider incorporating Lutech’s advanced digital video colposcopes.

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