Automated robot installation for medicine dispensing in Farmashop (Uruguay)

Fibonacci installed in Farmashop the first medicine dispensing robot in the Southern Cone without human intervention and with the highest level of safety in dispensing.
It is an automated system that stores and dispenses medicines integrated with cutting-edge technology.  

In this way, the pharmacy chain made available to users an innovative technology that complements the pharmacist, who will continue to be responsible for entering the name into the system for the robot to dispense the medication in just a few seconds.  The delivery process will be in full view of customers.  

Miguel Rossi, Farmashop’s Chief Technology Officer, was proud of the acquisition.  “We are the first community pharmacy to have an automated medication dispensing robot, but this is not the most important thing, but rather what it implies: providing a better and more personalized service to our customers,” he said.  

We bring together technology and healthcare, allowing institutions to cross the digital gap and have more efficient and reliable processes.


How does RIEDL PHASYS work? 

Among its capabilities, the RIEDL PHASYS robot optimizes the organization of medicines in the pharmacy, loads the merchandise, classifies it by type and expiration date for better stock management. It also avoids possible errors that may occur in manual dispensing. With the inclusion of this robot, there will be time savings in the search for each medication, which will lead to an improvement in customer assistance, reduced dispensing time, and more expeditious customer service.

This robot with wireless technology creates new business opportunities by optimizing the dispensing of medicines. With German technology and Italian style, RIEDL PHASYS adapts to the functional and aesthetic needs of each customer.  It streamlines pharmacy counter service and expedites customer service with its excellent performance and accuracy.  In addition, it is silent and environmentally friendly due to its low power consumption.  

One of its most outstanding advantages is that the delivery system can reach any point at the pharmacy, even on a different floor, at unmatched speed. Thanks to its bidirectional gripper, it travels 5 meters per second and can handle one or more packages, including circular items, reducing the risk of medication falling.


Goodbye to routine processes

The need for the modernization of routine processes arises from the aim of providing a sustainable solution that reduces costs and delivery times.  Innovation management implies a constant challenge to be at the forefront, and automation helps to improve quality, speed, and operational efficiency of commercial processes.  

The automation of medication dispensing with RIEDL PHASYS reduces the probability of errors and task execution time drastically. This robot can repeat its programmed tasks accurately over and over again and subsequently improve user experience.

Joining the digital transformation stands for efficiency.  Martin Sorrosal, Farmashop’s General Manager, pointed out that “this robot provides greater efficiency and speed” and that “we are evaluating this state-of-the-art technology to take it to other branches and our over-5,000-square-meter distribution centers. 

Process optimization is accessible to the pharmacy that acquires RIEDL PHASYS, since this technology complements the work of human beings and improves customer care times, thus strengthening customer service at the store.

With this pharmacy robot, employees will be able to offer more and better time to each user. In addition, it will improve stock management and enhance the space in the branch as it provides a comprehensive solution to the pharmacy.