Instant, long-lasting disinfection without alcohol

Bacoban is a disinfectant with a long-lasting antiviral effect against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

Facing a pandemic in the 21st century has been challenging, but a great advantage was having the science and technology available to overcome the health crisis with products such as Bacoban.  

Bacoban is a disinfectant of German origin that offers fast action and a residual effect of up to 10 days, thanks to the nanotechnology applied. It can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungi and is suitable for private or professional use in healthcare institutions. It works on surfaces such as metals, ceramics, plastics, and textiles. 

Unlike traditional disinfectants, Bacoban offers a residual effect that prevents the spread of pathogens and microorganisms that are harmful to health. Therefore, Bacoban is the best ally to optimize overall infection control with the highest hygiene standards. In addition, it does not contain aldehyde or phenol.


Bacoban stands for sterilization, long-term residual protection, and safety.

For complete disinfection, we recommend using BACOBAN alcohol-free wipes. They are ready to use and create “easy-to-clean” surfaces due to their high disinfecting power, reducing cleaning time by around 50%.  These innovative wipes offer long-lasting antimicrobial effects and superior cleaning results, like the Bacoban disinfectant fluid. 

The disinfectant wipes have excellent skin tolerance, a high cleaning effect and are effective against COVID-19, same as the entire Bacoban line of disinfectant products.

Bringing together technology and health helps to save lives. Nanotechnology (or “nanotech”) is a manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale and is part of the technological development the world is counting on today.


How does nanotechnology work?

Nanotechnology is moving forward and is becoming an unbeatable tool choice for the maintenance of bacteria-sensitive spaces, such as hospitals, clinics, professional, commercial, or private premises. 

It is part of a multi-dimensional approach. The size range of interest for nanoscience and nanotechnologies is 100 nanometers or less because then materials can enhance their properties or acquire different ones.  

A nanometer (1 nm) is equivalent to one billionth of a meter (1m), a scientific breakthrough that translates into the ability to acquire or enhance the properties of materials at the macroscopic scale.

The nanoscale is part of the technological revolution and is becoming a shared space for any discipline.  It is currently a subject of research and development.  

Bacoban uses the latest advances in nanotechnology: a permanent nanoscale SiO2 semi-layer (better known as Liquid Glass) that contains anti-pathogenic agents inside that slowly release for up to 10 days.  This way, it can close the gap between disinfection cycles and allow active infection control for a prolonged period. In addition, it reduces odors caused by bacteria in the long term.    

SiO2 has numerous advantages, such as high biocompatibility, adhesion capacity, low toxicity, and the ability to absorb a wide variety of molecules. The use of this strategy in disinfection processes increases the effectiveness of surface cleaning and extends its duration.


Surfaces free of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Any surface could get contaminated, so it is necessary to perform proper cleaning and disinfection. 

Microorganisms are the most ancient form of life on the planet. Over thousands of years, they have been adapting to colonize surfaces for survival. The use of nanotechnology as an antibacterial agent makes it possible to fight viruses, bacteria, and fungi and to have thorough disinfection preventing their propagation. In this sense, Bacoban products avoid the adherence of microorganisms on surfaces and eliminate them for a prolonged period.