Intelligent Operating Rooms: healthcare of the future, today

Modern operating rooms (ORs) are becoming more complex with the continuous development of technological devices.

New technologies, increasingly present in society, offer valuable solutions for the healthcare sector. The deployment of technology and artificial intelligence gives way to digital transformation. The development of the advances has also reached the ORs.

The concept of intelligent ORs has consolidated over the last few years and given a new perspective to the surgical field: integrated or smart operating rooms, where space functionality merges with connectivity to the outside of the surgical suite through digitally operated equipment. 

This equipment is installed on arms that are suspended from the ceiling, eliminating floor connections, and providing higher safety, while screens display information for communication, navigation and video-assisted surgery.

Some of the available solutions to provide more comprehensive and optimized care, reduce common problems and avoid complications in the OR are:

Kerna™ general surgical table: a surgical table with a small base and a low-profile pedestal. An affordable exceptional product that offers freedom of movement. The patient can be placed in a normal or reversed position and the design ensures easy access to imaging equipment. 

XLED® surgical and examination lights: the most comprehensive surgical light offering on the market and task-adjustable to meet the requirements of all surgical specialties Its clever modular design makes it a solution to each need, from the simple spot for the examination room to the 4-spot light head delivering 160,000 Lux. It guarantees excellent lighting quality, with a rated life of more than 40,000 hours requiring no recalibration. Additionally, they are easily installed in all premises whether new or existing, 

The new XTND ® Suspension: an architectural solution for operating rooms.  Just one anchoring point is enough to mount surgical lights, monitors, arm cameras and a vast range of equipment in a compact space.  These suspensions offer a wide range of flexible solutions that adapt to customers’ needs, for greater convenience and modularity.

HD camera-ready light head option: the camera is controllable from the HD-camera-ready light head, the wall touch panel or Harmony iQ® integration systems. This solution provides easy access to camera features (rotation, zoom, brightness control, white balance, focus) from the control panel or directly from the light head yoke.

XTND® suspension equipment combined with the XLED® HD in-light camera and surgical-grade monitors provide excellent image quality and reproduce vivid colors.  In addition, the videos can be broadcast by videoconferencing.

Healthcare technologies contribute to reducing the mortality rate, decreasing the length of hospital stays after surgery and help healthcare professionals to perform procedures in less time compared to the traditional methods, with a high success rate.

Fibonacci combines technology and health to optimize the processes that save lives. Intelligent operating rooms are still under development, but we are convinced that these technologies will result in less invasive procedures and shorter recovery times.

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