June 14: Blood Donor Day

The date is celebrated each year to commemorate the birth of Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian biologist and pathologist who discovered and typified blood groups, and to recognize the contribution of voluntary blood donors.


Transfusions help improve patients’ quality of life and perform complex medical and surgical procedures. But this cannot happen without a rapid, accurate and specific pre-donation screening of blood donors to ensure the quality of the transfused blood. Therefore, it is essential for healthcare institutions to facilitate the supply of blood and blood products to patients.


A reliable system to rule out infectious diseases in blood donors with results that guarantee the quality of the transfused blood.


To promote safe blood donation along with Grifols, a leading global healthcare company, we propose the use of the Procleix Panther System Featuring ART molecular biology workstation, a system that provides enhanced levels of automation for laboratories in a compact footprint without compromising throughput.


This highly specific and sensitive molecular testing system combines the proven and reliable performance of the Procleix Panther system with software and hardware improvements. It also offers superior customization with easy, scalable options that help transform the way laboratories work as their needs evolve. It has a fast, intuitive, user-friendly interface and improves turnaround time, saving time in the process. With full track connectivity and remote monitoring to optimize flow needs, it is the best molecular biology workstation for every lab.


In line with our commitment to contribute to safe blood donation, together with Hemasoft —which develops revolutionary solutions for blood centers— we also promote the use of two fully web-based software solutions: e-Delphyn BB Blood Donors and e-Delphyn BB Transfusions.


e-Delphyn BB Blood Donors Application covers all needs of a blood bank: from donor recruitment to final blood dispatching including phlebotomy, testing, component manufacturing, quality assurance, and stock monitoring. Meanwhile, e-Delphyn BB Transfusions supports the ordering of blood (provided to the hospitals through a web portal), processing of patient samples, serologic cross-matching, electronic cross-matching and issuing while tracking and securing blood units at the patient bedside.
These two solutions help save time, increase efficiency, and reduce costs by tracking all processes through barcode technology and a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface.


Donating blood saves lives
Blood donation is an act that involves blood banks, staff working in healthcare institutions, donors, and society as a whole.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on June 14 to thank voluntary unpaid donors and to raise awareness of the need for regular donations to ensure the quality, safety and availability of blood and blood products. WHO further states that “an adequate supply can only be guaranteed through regular donations by voluntary unpaid donors.”


We consider it imperative to promote collective responsibility for voluntary donation and support society with healthcare assistance strategies. That is why, together with Grifols and Hemasoft, we want to support this donation process with innovative technological solutions that improve people’s lives around the world.


These technologies can be obtained at a low cost of ownership and are hosted in the cloud. On the one hand, e-Delphyn BB Transfusions features a complete web-based module where the user only needs a web browser and minimum training to use it and a software configuration that allows support for local regulations and guidelines. In addition, it offers full ISBT 128 compliances. On the other hand, e-Delphyn BB Transfusions allows support for local regulations and guidelines, independently from the hardware, operating system, peripherals and database. It also provides user credentials compatible with all LDAP systems, integrated electronic cross-match, bedside transfusion check, support for RFID identification and patient wristband.


Fibonacci offers a wide range of services in the healthcare market. These technologies integrate seamlessly with existing hospital systems and generate flexibility, quality, cost efficiency and safety in each transfusion.


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