Pharmacy Automation for Posadas Hospital in Argentina

Improving quality, traceability and patient safety in the prescription and dispensing of medicines and hospital supplies.  

The first stage of the transformation for this Hopital addressed the need for a technological update and human comfort. In this stage, we installed two vertical Kardex unit-dose medication dispensing carousels to optimize resources and cost return. Our job involves the total refurbishment of the space for the final implementation of the equipment.

it is part of a comprehensive project that includes the installation of the following equipment: one automated vertical carousel (for storage of medicines and supplies), two vertical carousels for unit doses (for preparation and distribution of unit doses), one automated, refrigerated vertical carousel (for storage of thermolabile medication), thirty plant trolleys for medication distribution, and six trolleys for distribution of unit doses. And finally, three automatic Pixys CS dispensers are to be installed in restricted areas of the hospital.

In all cases, the technology we provided is integrated with management software that allows full traceability from the arrival of the medications at the hospital pharmacy to their dispensing to the patient. 

Efficiency, stock management, expiration control and cost reduction.

Healthcare institutions have the mission to adapt to the progressive development of technology that facilitates strategical actions to maintain and improve internal processes successfully. 

These carousels and dispensing systems help to achieve greater competitiveness and safer medication dispensing.  Improving stock management optimizes logistics and dispensation, as well as storage. In addition, expiration control prevents medicines from reaching their expiration date and avoids unnecessary restocking costs.  

How did we modernized the Posadas Hospital?

We know that managing the receipt of prescriptions, their consolidation, and the dispensing of medicines to patients is a process that requires organization.  These hospital technologies will contribute to logistics management, operator picking, and minimizing medication dispensing errors.

Refrigerated automated carousel: Temperature control is vital in the pharmaceutical industry. In this sense, having technologically advanced environments that provide special conditions for preservation is equivalent to generating a specific long-term solution. 

Automated vertical carousel: With maximum height utilization, it increases storage capacity so that the operator does not need to move around.

Vertical carousel for unit doses: Reduces storage space in the picking area and has online stock inventory.

Plant trolleys for medication distribution: Lightweight, aluminum-structured trolleys to reorganize resources and reduce delivery times.

Benefits of pharmacy automation. 

Our main goal is patient safety. To achieve this, we believe that automating hospital pharmacy processes brings benefits across the entire care system. 

In the storage of products that require a cold chain (vaccines, temperature-sensitive medications, etc.), where preservation temperatures are specific, having this technology undoubtedly generates a quality indicator in the institution that owns them.  In this regard, our value-added proposal is to bring technological solutions for the healthcare system to obtain better results in patients’ attention. 

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