RIEDL PHASYS: The Robot for the pharmacy

RIEDL PHASYS provides maximum safety in distribution of drugs, without human intervention. 

Robotization helps to optimize medicine storage, dispensing and control circuits, allowing for a better traceability of the drugs.  In addition, all the entries inside the machine are protected by certified security systems which, in event of opening, instantly stop the gripper, thus providing higher safety when dispensing. 


RIEDL PHASYS: speed, reliability, accuracy and a tailor-made design for your pharmacy. 


Identifying new and better ways of doing things boosts innovation, and technology in the healthcare environment is a true agent of change.  

RIEDL PHASYS generates greater competitiveness and optimizes drug dispensing.  Each gripper can deliver from 360 to more than 1000 packs per hour.  It is simple to install and maintain and easy to use.  

The RIEDL Phasys gripper moves through the warehouse at a speed of 5 meters per second. Thanks to its bidirectional multi-picking gripper, both in loading and unloading, the system’s performance reaches levels of excellence. 


*Multi-picking loading and dispensing technology 

* Mobile and tiltable grippers 

* High unloading time performance 

*FEFO (First Expired – First Out) expiry management.

*Uses less than half a Kw/hr. 

It does not require fitting to the electrical system and consumes like a household appliance. 


RIEDL PHASYS: Advantages of the structure. 

The customization of every detail makes RIEDL PHASYS the only robot that adapts to the functional and aesthetics needs of each client. Furthermore, thanks to its flexibility, it gives the pharmacy more options and fully integrates to the existing spaces. 


*Modular, scalable and adaptable to existing spaces. 

*Responsible for its low power consumption. 


Thanks to its different configurations, this system can also be adapted to pharmacy structures in L-hape, O-shape,  U-shape or I-shape with built-in or external loading bay. 

Faster, reliable, flexible and tailor-made. Features that make it one of the most advanced pharmacy automation systems in the industry.

The fast technological change must work as support for professionals and optimize the quality of their time with patients. In this way, pharmacy automation improves healthcare worker’s speed of response and allows them to spend more time with patients. 

Automating your pharmacy has never been so easy.  Join the digital transformation. Contact us.