San Luis Central Hospital Dr. Ramon Carrillo, innovation and cutting-edge technology

It is the most technological healthcare institution in Latin America and will seek certifications of the highest international standards, such as the one granted by HIMSS 7.
It is a third level care hospital, eighth level of complexity, with university teaching -telemedicine for professionals training- and it is a type III-2 facility, according to the categorization of the National Ministry of Health.

Its state-of-the art medical equipment and the strong commitment to medical informatics are distinctive elements of this institution that stands out for the optimization of all its processes, which will improve patient experience, security and information traceability.
This complex has 50,000 square meters with state-of-the-art technology, 400 standard hospitalization beds, 15 operating rooms (nine general and six specialty operating rooms, including a hybrid one), as well as the facilities that will allow it to offer diagnosis and treatment services for more than fifty services.

Traceability with a single sterilization brand and a first-world sterilization plant.

Fibonacci Argentina undertook the challenge of building the first sterilization plant entirely under the Steris brand. The Dr. Ramon Carrillo hospital in San Luis is the first sterilization plant in Argentina where all the products are the brand’s own, which results in a first line in sterilization and state-of-the-art technologies applied.
Pablo Castiglione, Fibonacci ’s Head of Technical Service and Projects Area, points out that “with this we can also establish the HIMSS 7 certification, which involves the equipment protocol and the interface so that they can be integrated, being of a single brand, not only they can be integrated but also the traceability can be known at all points in the sterilization sector”.

In the case of the Dr. Ramon Carrillo Hospital in San Luis, it was the first time Fibonacci provided advice for two services (sterilization and pharmacy).
State-of-the-art equipment: Cutting-edge sterilization.

The Ramon Carrillo Hospital in San Luis has been equipped with ultrasonic cleaning, drying and automatic thermal disinfection technologies.  In addition, it is the first hospital in Argentina where a refrigerated carousel was installed in the pharmacy instead of medicine cabinets.

Castiglione explained that “refrigerators or cold chambers were used in the past to store medication, carousel technology had not been used in hospitals, but the benefits of this equipment compared to a refrigerator are huge; it reduces energy consumption and can allows exact stock control of what is being handled”. He also pointed out that with this technology “employees no longer have to go in and out of the cold chamber, where there is a change in body temperature that can lead to chronic diseases because they work at room temperature, and the products are in the conditions they should be in”.
Strategy and solution

Fibonacci specializes in the sale of hospital processes and each piece of equipment is associated with the process.  In this regard, Castiglione points out that the company evaluates what it wants to achieve in the healthcare institution, what process it wants to establish, and from there it selects the technology to be applied.
The actors, in this sense, are the process to be carried out in the hospital, the associated technology and the IT systems.  Currently, a hospital needs the three actors to be balanced and functioning as a whole, linking the technology to the equipment and adapting it to the hospital process.

Fibonacci ’s Head of Technical Services and Projects Area commented that, in view of this, what Fibonacci did was to “focus on advising according to these three actors and to ensure that they all have their level of importance based on what the institution requested”.